Cobalt Sulfate

Cobalt Sulfate Anhydrous 98% 

CAS NO.  10124-43-3

Product name: cobalt sulfate,  rose vitriol, cobaltous sulfate, cobalt sulphate,  

Appearance: brown or red crystals, density 1.948g/cm3, melting point: 96.8, insoluble in water and methanol, slightly soluble in ethanol, at 420 out of the crystallization of water into anhydrous material. 

Uses: the coatings industry for paint driers, ceramic industry for the porcelain glaze color, the chemical industry for making pigment containing cobalt and production of a variety of cobalt salts of raw materials, industrial batteries used for alkaline batteries and the lithopone additives, was also used for electroplating, catalysts, feed additives and reagents.