ilmenite sand

We trade to Ilmenite sand from India, Africa, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

It maintains relationships with its mines and produces its own products.

Imenite-a mixture of iron and titanium oxides, is used as a furnace lining in the steel industry and also as a blasting medium. After eliminating the iron particles, Ilmenite can be further processed to produce Synthetic Rutile, which can be further developed to make Titanium Dioxide.

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a non-toxic pigment with High Refractive Index or Opacity- the ability to reflect and scatter all colors of light while absorbing ultra violet light. It possesses high thermal stability and chemical inertness.

TiO2, a premier pigment used extensively in the paint industry has replaced old-fashioned lead carbonate pigments. About 90% of the titanium mineral produced in the world is used in the manufacture of white titanium dioxide pigment. Because of its non-toxic nature, it is used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even added to foodstuffs such as flour, icing sugar and sweets as well as toothpaste to improve their brightness. Titanium dioxide is used in the manufacture of many sunscreen lotions and creams because of it non-toxicity and UV absorption properties.

Synthetic Rutile is used to make Titanium metal, a versatile material with exceptional characteristics. The lightness, strength and durability of the metal make it an essential metal to the aerospace industry. It is also used in desalination plants and corrosive chemical industries because of its inertness and resistance to corrosion. Its non-reactive property makes titanium metal one of the few materials that can be used in the human body as hip replacements and pacemakers. Titanium metal is also increasingly being used world over in making sports equipment, jewellery and advanced engineering applications.